TEDxHCST -2019

TEDxHCST is a TEDx event will be organized on 24th February 2019 by a dynamic and passionate team of students and staff of Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Mathura who want to bring visionaries, innovators, problem solvers, doers, funders, connectors, and their community into one space.                               


In this event, we’ll be having around 8 speakers who would be expressing their ideas and experiences, instigating critical thinking and emanating a sense of inquiry and curiosity on a plethora of topics in the fields of art, science, entertainment, technology and various other spheres of life. The event is limited to strength of 100 attendees at our venue.  


After the immense success of TEDxHCST 2017, we aim to recreate the same experience of intense knowledge-sharing and thought experiments, but with a brand new theme, “Pale Blue Dot”. To provide a little background, “Pale Blue Dot” is a photograph of the Earth taken by Voyager 1 spacecraft, from a record distance of 6 billion kilometres and was received at Deep Space Network on February 14, 1990. This shift in our perspective to view our apparently massive and endless Earth as a tiny dot on a photograph led to a striking revelation of Mankind’s delusion of supremacy in a vast endless sea we call universe. It also encourages that how things seem dramatically changed just by a shift in perspective. The event of taking this iconic photograph can be interpreted in multiple ways and is left for the people to add meaning to it. Carl Sagan, the astronomer who urged NASA to take this photograph, illicits in his book “The Pale Blue Dot” the underlying interpretation of the relative nothingness of our “everything” that is our Earth where billions of us spend our whole lives.


Apart from our principle theme, we have other themes such as ‘Paced Sciences’- illustrating the creation and advancement of newly emerging streams of Science, ‘Dissemination of Journalism’- pointing out the role of certain events that have strengthened the far-spreadedness of the world of journalism and news reaching out to the remotest of lands and an ‘Abstract theme’- to encompass revolutionary, eccentric ideas. Our speakers would be taking inspiration from the presented themes and rendering their ideas and vision.


For speakers and other details, please visit the following:

Website: https://tedxhcst.com


LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tedx-hcst-010156177

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TEDxHCST

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TEDxHCST