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Civil Engineering is the basic and most sought after professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally available environment. It includes design, construction and maintenance of essential infrastructural facilities such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. Civil Engineering practices take place at all levels i.e., in the public sector from municipal to federal and in the private sector from individual homeowners to international companies.

There are 11 sub disciplines in Civil Engineering:

  • Coastal Engineering.
  • Construction Engineering.
  • Earthquake Engineering.
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Geotechnical Engineering/Soil Mechanics Engineering.
  • Water Resources Engineering.
  • Materials Engineering.
  • Structural Engineering.
  • Surveying.
  • Transportation Engineering.
  • Municipal or Urban Engineering.


Eligibility-1st Year
XII with : 1. Phy + Maths + (Chem. / Comp. Sc./Bio) with Min. 50% OR 50% with qualified rank in UPSEE-18. FOR B. Tech. Bio Tech- (Phy. + Math + Chem.) / Comp. OR PCB with Min.50% OR 50% with Qualified UPSEE-18 Rank.

Eligibility-2nd Year
Direct Admission

1. Rank in UPSEE-18 Phy + Maths + (Chem. / Comp. Sc./Bio) with Min. 50%

2. Diploma in Engg. With at least 60% or B. Sc (with Maths) with at least 60%.

Civil Engineers can find jobs in:

Government departments, Private and public sector undertakings, Research and teaching institutions etc.

Job opportunities for civil engineers are expected to increase faster than the average for all job sectors put together as the construction & infrastructure industry is witnessing tremendous growth in India.
The job prospects for Civil Engineers currently are at an all time best, with investments to the tune of 2, 00, 000 crore of rupees taking place in the infrastructure segment alone, over 20,000 civil engineers are needed every year. Added to these are the power plants, Industrial Plants & building, Housing & urban development, transportation and several other sectors of the economy; creating added demand for Civil Engineers.


The earnings depend on the status of industries employing civil engineers such as Central or State Government departments or private concerns & the nature of job. In India, a bachelor’s degree holder in civil engineering can receive a starting salary of Rs. 2.2 to Rs. 4.5 l. p. a. approximately. In about 10 years time the salaries are expected to grow 3 to 4 times to Rs. 8 to16 l. p. a. There are huge opportunities for overseas & international assignments, both with Indian and Foreign Companies.

Typical Career Path Scenarios for Civil Engineering are:

  1. Civil Engineers do find work at the construction site in a managerial position or in design, research as well as in teaching in government services or private concerns.
  2. They also work as independent consultants.
  3. Most engineering graduates start with jobs of responsibility, and as they prove their competence, they are given more and more responsible tasks, but within each subfield of civil engineering, and even within different segments of the market within each branch, the details of a career path can vary.
  4. In some fields and firms, entry-level engineers are put to work primarily monitoring construction in the field, serving as the “eyes and ears” of more senior design engineers; while in other areas, entry-level engineers end up performing the more important tasks of analysis or design and interpretation.
  5. More senior engineers can move into doing more complex analysis or design work, or management of more complex design projects, or management of other engineers, or into specialized consulting, including forensic engineering.
  6. In short, a Civil Engineer is trained to manage men, material, equivalent of all kinds and the financial aspects related to his work.

Civil Engineering labs are well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes superior Labs & computing facilities such as labs of Structure, Surveying, Hydrology and Hydraulics, Environmental, Geotechnical Engg. , Engineering Geology, CADD lab, Concrete lab M.T lab etc.
Along with this the students enjoy excellent pool facility of academics and extra- curricular activities of the college.

Consultancy Services

The Department of Civil Engineering offers B. Tech degree as per A.K.T.U. norms, the following labs offer consultancy works.

  1. Transportation Lab.
  2. Concrete Lab.
  3. Material Testing Lab.
  4. Geotechnical Lab.

Larsen and Toubro  (ECC Division) Ltd. Omaxe Ltd. Hindustan Constructions Ltd. ERA Infrastructures Ltd.
Oriental Constructions Ltd. Simplex Infrastructure Ltd. Continental Engg. Ltd. Delhi Jal Board
Proto Infosys Ltd. KEC Havells Ltd. Kanwar Enterprises Ltd.
Piaggio Ltd. Orissa Cement Ltd. AIMIL Ltd. ICICI