Discipline Committee

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A discipline committee of the college is hereby constituted. The committee will comprise the following:-

  1. Dr.(Mrs.) Mamta Sharma, HOD-Humanities                         Chairperson
  2. Mr. Sandeep Agarwal – DSW                                                   Member Secretary
  3. Dr. Harendra Singh, HOD-Mathematics                                 Member
  4. Mr. Puneet Mangla, HOD-Mechanical                                    Member
  5. Mr. Anurag Bajpai- HOD-Chemical                                         Member
  6. Mr. P.K.Sharma – Asstt. DSW                                                 Member
  7. Lt. (Dr.) Rajesh Kr. Kaharwar- Chief Warden                       Member
  8. Concerned HOD`s                                                                      Invited members

The Duties of the DSW will be to organize the discipline committee meeting and shall record the proceeding in writing of the DC meeting. The Committee shall decide the quantum of punishment imposed on the students and shall submit the same for the Director’s approval. The Committee have right to call any body inside and outside the college including the parents, faculty and staff members in connection with investigation of complaints received. DSW will coordinate with director for all issues related to discipline.



The proctorial board is responsible for maintaining discipline in the college. Although each staff members of this college are Proctors, yet some of them are especially appointed for this purpose. The proctorial board is ensured with the following responsibilities

  1. Maintaining the discipline.
  2. Keeping an eye on the general moral behavior of the students.
  3. Discouraging smoking, use of narcotics and carrying arms on the campus.
  4. Putting a check on the attempts to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the college by indulging in any sort of indiscipline, such as raising slogans, shouting in corridors, quarreling etc.
  5. Ensuring security of college property, checking trespassing etc.
  6. Checking any misbehavior on part of students in their dealings among themselves and with teachers or other staff of the college.
  7. Preventing students from indulging in political activities of any sort on the campus or showing their political affiliations by displaying badges of student federations etc.
  8. Ensuring that each student wears his ID card during his stay in the college premises.
  9. Ensuring that each student is in proper uniform.

A Proctorial Board of the college is hereby constituted. The committee will comprise the following:-

S.No Name Designation Position Mobile No.
1 Dr. Sanjay Jain HOD-EC Chief Proctor 9720086663
2 Dr. P.S.Josan Dean-Academics Member 9760038973
3 Mr. Sandeep Agarwal Dean, Students Welfare Member 9568006065
4 Dr. M.S.Gaur HOD-Physics Member 9568006063
5 Dr. C.N.Tripathi Dy. HOD- Civil & Env. Member 9568006066
6 Mr. Anurag Bajipai HOD-Chemical Member 9568006059
7 Mr. Shankar Thawakar HOD-IT Member 9897634307
8 Mr. Y.C.Dhote HOD-Automobile Member 9568006058
9 Mr. Puneet Mangla HOD – ME Member 9568006050
10 Mr.V.K.Gupta HOD- Civil Member 9568006056
11 Mr. Munish Khanna HOD-CS Member 9690015773
12 Mr. Pramod Kumar HOD-Biotech Member 9639005945
13 Mrs. Richa Kapoor HOD – EE Member 9897666983
14 Dr.Rajesh Kaharwar Director-PE & Chief Warden Member 9568006070
15 Mr. Abhishek Bhardwaj ASST. PROFESSOR-IT Member 7500537537
16 Mr. Vijay Katta ASST. PROFESSOR-CS Member 7500242277
17 Mr. Rahul Bajpai ASST. PROFESSOR-Auto Member 7417593721
18 Mr. Digamber Singh ASST. PROFESSOR-Auto Member 8936919698
19 Mr. Shashi Kant Dubey ASST. PROFESSOR-Civil Member 9997065152
20 Mr. Himanshu Mishra ASST. PROFESSOR-CS Member 7376855757
21 Mrs. Deepti Mittal ASST. PROFESSOR-IT Member 9368071835
22 Mr. Nitin   Bansal ASST. PROFESSOR-EI Member 9897433286
23 Mr. Ajay Kumar Jain ASST. PROFESSOR-Chem. Member 8273295400
24 Mr. Rakesh Prasad ASST. PROFESSOR-ME Member 7895769171
25 Dr. Keshav Dev ASST. PROFESSOR-Humanities Member 9412558688
26 Mr. Ashish Bhardwaj ASST. PROFESSOR-EC Member 9759848512


The board shall be responsible to maintain discipline among the students at all levels i.e. class rooms, hostel, canteen, play ground and college buses etc. The board shall meet at least once in a week in the Director’s office to review the discipline among the students. Complaint about the indiscipline behavior of the student shall be forwarded to the DSW office for necessary action.


                                                                   (Dr. R.K. Upadhyay)