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One day Seminar and Workshop on Nanotechnology

A one day workshop was organized on 03 December 2019 at Hindustan College of Science and Technology.  This workshop was organized under the joint aegis of Hindustan College and Molecular Society (India).  Anna Ann Berlin from Russia, was the special guest speaker on Nanotechnology.

The main Objectives of the workshop were– 

  1. To inform young students about the developments in the field of nanotechnology
  2. Providing experimental information to various methods of making nanoparticles through workshop.
  3.  Mutual joint participation in research work being conducted from India and Russia.
  4. Showcasing applications of nanoparticles in various fields in the laboratory. So it is known that A joint project sponsored by DST between Hindustan College and National Center of Biotechnology Moscow is underway.  In the presence of the projects Russian convener, Dr. Anna N. Barlina this workshop was organized Only 30 students were selected in this workshop.  These students came from different regions of the country. 

At the Inaugural ceremony of the program, the director of the college, Dr.  Rajiv Kumar Upadhyay welcomed the guests and participants and wished the workshop grand success.  Executive Vice President Sharda Group Prof. V.K.  Sharma highlighted the research and cooperation going on between India and Russia and welcomed everyone. 

The workshop was divided into lectures and practical sessions. In the first session, Anna N, Ballena elaborated the various methods of making nanoparticles.  She discussed extensively on identifying and treating diseases like cancer.  Heavy metals are found in drinking water in various regions in India. 

  These heavy metals are creating the life-threatening diseases.  Dr.  Anna discussed the technical efforts being made in Russia to deal with this problem.  She said that the role of nanotechnology is very important to solve such problems.  She created a nano bio sensor by modifying the carbon electrode and explained its use to the participants in the discovery of heavy metal. 

The coordinator of the joint project Prof. M.S. Gaur discusses the origins of nano science in detail in the workshop.  He explained the utility of  nano science by giving small examples of nature.  For example kajal which has been prevalent in our country for centuries. He elaborated on its antioxidant properties by linking them to nanotechnology. 

The second phase of this workshop showcased hands on training, which was very useful for all the participants. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Vinod Kushwaha and Dr.  Pramod Kumar Sengar (Assistant Professors of Physics Department). Dr. R.K. Tiwari, Associate Professor of the Department proposed the vote of thanks. Research students of the physical department, Rohan Sagar and Mamta Kushwaha presented their research.  Certificates were distributed to the participants at the end of the workshop and it was hoped that all the participants would have benefited from this workshop.  The Participants came from more than 30 different institutions to participate in this workshop.  On this occasion, Dr. K.Y. Singh, Senior Professor BSA college was  present. 

On this Occasion, the Dean faculty Dr.  Harendra Singh, Dean Student Welfare Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal, Mr. Vijay Katta, Prof. V.K. Gupta, Dr.Hari Pathak, Mr. Anurag Bajpai, Mr. Shankar Thakar, all the department heads and teachers of the institute were present.

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