iB Hubs Student Challenge

About iB Hubs Student Challenge:


iB Hubs Student Challenge is a series of online challenges aimed at encouraging students to ideate and work on industry challenges. This gives students ample opportunity to hone their skills such as Problem Solving, Creative Thinking and Collaborative Working, which according to a report by World Economic Forum are considered as few of the key skills and qualities needed by every individual to excel in 21st century’s world of work.


In this edition of iB Hubs Student Challenge, students are given the opportunity to work on the following genres of problem statements:


  • Strategy: Product Launch, Competitor Analysis, etc.

  • Operations: Cost Cutting, Process improvement, etc.

  • Marketing: Brand building, Campaign design, etc.


Challenge Start Date: 04:00 PM, 10th November with the release of problem statements through email

Team Size: Max of four members

Deadline for Submission: 09:00 PM,12th November.

Register at: ibhubs.co/student-challenge