Modules offered


The industry needs high performing professionals who are adaptable, with a positive mindset & attitude, have high level of team spirit, interpersonal skills, ability to handle stress, problem solving skills, analytical abilities, Writing & Communication Skills, Verbal Aptitude, General Aptitude for Problem Solving, Decision Making & Leadership attributes as part of Soft Skills training.

 In order to cater to the above mentioned employability needs, the T&D Dept. offers training modules in :

 Personality development programme, Soft skills & communication, English speaking courses, Aptitude topics, Group discussion, Personal interview & Resume writing Specialized Workshop on English, Specialized workshop on Aptitude, Grooming & etiquettes, Psychological Counseling & Industry/Job readiness skills. Including problem solving & decision making, leadership skills, persuation & negotiation skills etc.

Our course content strives to ensure the holistic development of students & Leadership through different activities & programs developing also in them Life skills which give them adequate EQ, IQ & SQ to grow themselves into successful Professionals and good human beings.

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