Other Amenities

Other Amenities

Amenities Centre : Cafeteria

An Amenities centre is located within the campus including a cafeteria and a shopping arcade for the use of the students and Staff, providing all necessary articles and food stuffs of daily use, (on a paid basis), a juice counter, fruit mart and barbers shop etc. to meet the needs of the students.


Medical Facilities

The Institute provides Medical facilities in the campus. There are two doctors and full time qualified medical assistants to look after the health of the students and staff. One qualified doctor visits the campus daily and the second visits weekly to look after the health problems of the students and staff. The college has an agreement with Naval Kishore Hospital (26 kms from the college) for the treatment of the students and staff.


24×7 Ambulance

One Ambulance is available round the clock for emergency purposes in the campus. First-aid facilities are provided by the medical assistants & trained students. In case of serious sickness parents and local guardians are informed.

Book Bank Facility

The college runs a Book Bank scheme for all students (compulsory) whereby with an initial onetime payment, students get the complete set of books at the very beginning of each semester and thus the entire text books purchase is avoided, which otherwise is several times costlier.

Computer Facilities


Computers, LAN and Software

The group recognizes the  role of IT  in teaching as well as research. Therefore, it  provides a computing facilities of the highest standards. A High-speed optical fibre structure using Cisco Manage devices, allows the students to access a range of services across our campus including all computer labs. The computer labs house more than 850 Computer Systems. 24×7 Wi-Fi connectivity is available all over the campus.

The college has wide range of Software of Microsoft, SUN and Oracle platforms. Our labs are equipped with entire suite of Microsoft Product (Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Visual Studio, NET Server, MS SQL Server-2000) under MSDN Academic Alliance Program besides UNIX, LINUX ( Multi Versions and flavours ) Data bases (MS-SQL Server-2000, Oracle 9i), Tools (VB, VC++, VI, JDK1.2) etc.


The Labs are connected to the internet by a 32 Mbps leased line with redundant backups, thereby providing unlimited Wireless and Wired internet access to students and faculty members. All the Offices, Labs, Cabins of faculty, and hostel rooms have been provided with internet connectivity for 24 X 7.




ATM of HDFC bank is operational at the campus premises.