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  • Testimonial

    The moment of pride for me is that i am from Hindustan College and here I gained a lot in my life

    MAYANK TYAGI, B.Tech CIVIL, 2009-2013 Batch

    "Hindustan college is the college which had shown us most of the phases of life whatever we had seen here, have become the part and parcel of our life, which we can term as experience. Hindustan College provides a wide platform to every student with the higher education, extracurricular and sports activities. It gives every individual to gain maturity, sensibility and the experience of how to face the world. It is the place where you are allowed to fly and still being monitored, so that you feel secure."  

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    You can’t beat the atmosphere; it’s great.

    Maulik Sharma, B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, 2001-2005 Batch

    SGI is a launchpad for the budding talents and a perfect mix of professional studies combined with overall personality enhancement for an individual. I endorse Hindustan College of Science and Tech with great humility and respect

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    four years at HCST was an unforgettable period of my life

    Prachi Mishra, B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering, 2005-2009 Batch

    “The SGI family always opened Dcors and let me know and identify opportunities where I can do and accomplish and be successful at something.”

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    In order to get a first class education, HCST was the most appropriate place to start!

    ANAND MOHAN, B.Tech Mechanical, 2002-2006 Batch

    "Hindustan College proved to be the strongest platform for me to have a big leap forward in my career. Here I learnt too many things which are surely beyond the ambit of academics. Few professors were at par with the best in the academics. Few others were great in making me learn life skills which are never less important than academics if not more.”