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The Department of Physics was started on 16 Dec. 1996 and is now affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow.

Department of Physics engaged to teach the engineering physics having Quantum mechanics, Optics and Electromagnetic Wave Theory with theory and experiments. Nanoscience and Material Science are taught by the Department Of Physics as a elective subject of B. Tech and M. Tech course. However, currently we do not have postgraduate classes in our Department, but our faculty having sponsored research project and Ph. D. in the following areas :

1. Charge storage and transport properties of polymers and nanocomposites materials.

2. Electrets state in polymers.

3. Dielectric, piezoelectric and pyro-electric properties of polymer nano composites.

4. Optical, Electrical and Thermal properties of polymer nano composites.

5. Development and Characterization of Nano-particles .

6. Application of nanoparticles for development of nano sensors.

7. Effect of high energy ion beam on insulating polymers nano composites.

8. Measurement of Bio-potential from deep routed trees for detection of earth-quake.


Head Of the Department
Dr. M. S. Gaur
M. Sc., M. Phil. , Ph. D.
Professor and Head, Department of Physics,
Dean R&D
Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Farah ( Mathura) UP, India
Email   :
Phone : +91 9568006063, 9412159116
Fax      : +91 565 2763364