Research & Project

HCST R&D, Grant Details


Funding from External Sources


S.No. Financial Year Amount Sanctioned / Approved (in Lacs)
1. 2014-15 29.58
2. 2015-16 19.45
3. 2016-17 19.70
4. 2017-18 80.5



Number of Publications


Journals Conferences
National International National International
15 36 31 37





  • MSME – Ministry of Micro Small Medium Enterprises, Government of India


  • NRDC – National Research Development Corporation, DST, of India


  • IMD – Indian Meteorological Department, Ministry of Earth Science, of India


National Projects of Importance in Incubation / Entrepreneurship fetched for HCST


  1. Incubation Centre supported by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Government (2017)


  1. Kalam Centre for Incubation supported by A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Technical University (2017)


Skill Development Activities


S.No. Financial Year Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned / Approved (in Lacs)
1. 2015-16 PMKVY, MSDE, Govt. of India 3,50,000/-
2. 2016-17 AICTE (PMKVY-TI), MHRD, Govt. of India 14,17,500/-* (4 Courses, 25 students in each Course)
3. 2017-18 AICTE (PMKVY-TI), MHRD, Govt. of India 19,64,250/- * (6 Courses, 25 students in each Course)

* Project Cost based on no. of courses and hours prescribed as per AICTE (PMKVY-TI) norms.


Distribution of Fund under skill development activities:-

30% (on enrollment of Students)

30% (After Successful completion of course and assessment of students) 20% (based on pass students)

20 % (on 70% students’ placement from Passed students)


Total 8 Faculty Members Completed Ph.D


Department Name of the Faculty Research Project Name Government Private Achievements
Project Details(Value in Rs)
Chemical Mr. Anurag Bajpai Household module development for Arsenic removal from ground waterv(CO-PI) DST   Completed 9,36,000/-
Mr. Anurag Bajpai Production & Characterization of Bio-diesel from karanja oil(CO-PI) DST   In Process 24, 00,000/-
Mr. Anurag Bajpai Polymer concrete by furan resin(PI)    SGI In Process 1.25,000/-
Mechanical Mr.Puneet Mangla
Mr. Nishant Singh
MODROBS- to find out the metal removal rate, electrode wear rate surface roughness of different metal matrix composites using EDM AICTE     6,50,000/-
Mr Yashvir Singh
Mr. Hemant Rai
Fabrication of ALL Terrain Vehicle   Sharda Group of Institution Manufactured All Terrain vehicle for participation in national competition BAJA-SAE-2011 2,06,500/-
Electronics & Instrumentation Mr. Santosh Km. Agrahari Design development of ARM processor based embedded system   SGI   82,000/-
Chemistry Dr. Shailendra Badal Phytochemical investigation of some indigenous medicinal plant     One research paper accepted for Publication 1,00,000
Environmental Dr. C.N Tripathi Global warming & ground water management in HCST   SGI   2,41,000/-
Humanities Dr. Mamta Sharma Impulsive Buying: An exploration intoemotional intelligence and money attitude of professional students.        

More Projects

S. No. Project Title Sponsoring Agency Principal Investigators: Status
1. Electroactive properties of Ion Beam irradiated polar Polymers IUAC, New Delhi Dr. M. S. Gaur, and
Dr. Kripashanker Singh
2. Electroactive properties of Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites DRDO, New Delhi Dr. M. S. Gaur Ongoing
3. Biosequestration and Bioimpregnation of heavy metals leading to Nanomaterials synthesis and decontamination of industrial effluent Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi, India Dr. M. S. Gaur and
Dr. Seema Bhadoria
4. Pesticide Monitoring and Awareness Programme State Science and Technology Programme, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi Dr. M. S. Gaur Ongoing
5. Development of New technologies for detection of scientific electric signals (SES) using deep root trees (Ministry of earth Sciences IMD, New Delhi) Ministry of Earth Sciences IMD, New Delhi Dr. Vinod Kumar Kushwah
Dr. M.S.Gaur
Dr. R.K. Tiwari

List of Completed Project

S. No. Project Title Sponsoring Agency Status
1. Eletroactive properties of weakly polar / nonpolar polymers with special reference to thermoelectret state in doped and undoped single layer / double layered samples U. P. Council of Science and Technology, Lucknow , U P , India Completed
2. Development of Colorimetric Sensor Instrumentation for Detection of Methyl parathion in Soil and Water Samples Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi, India Completed