Faculty and staff

Faculty profile: With a student faculty ratio of 1: 16, our faculties are hand-picked from different reputed national institutions like IIT’s & NIT’s and international institutes from US/ Australia. To maintain a cosmopolitan culture we ensure that the faculties are drawn from different states of the country. In order to provide 24 X 7 support to the students we encourage the faculty to take up campus accommodation

Continuous grooming : Each faculty is subjected to a mandatory 300 hours of induction training which includes tips on preparation of lecture notes, tutorial sheets, communication skills, case study preparation etc. Only after successful completion of the induction training a faculty is allowed to take up actual lectures.

Preparation of Course File : The course file are prepared for each subject which includes lecture notes, assignments, tutorial sheets, question banks etc. by a team of faculty members under the expert guidance of the senior faculty members. The course file in the electronic form can be downloaded by the students from the intranet.

Application based learning: Instead of theory based learning, our faculty members encourage application based learning whereby the theory is integrated with practice by well defined case studies as well as real life examples. Thus industry visits as well as tours are a regular feature of our curriculum and form a part of internal assessment.

Compulsory Seminars: It is mandatory for all students to participate in seminars on wide variety of topics related to the curriculum, once a week.

Proctorial System: A faculty member is proctor to a group of 20 students and acts as their mentor. The proctor thus continuously monitors the performances of these students which range from their academic performance, behavioral aspects, extracurricular learning, communication skills etc.