Alumni Cell (AC)

Director's Message

Director Hcst
Dr. R.K. Upadhyay


My Dear Alumni,

Greetings from HCST!

Welcome, all to the HCST Alumni Portal. This accomplishes the need for thousands of our former students all over the world for a common stage to meet and share their expeditions of life.

HCST, which started in 1996, has grown by leaps and bounds to be one of India's top private institutions today. You, first as scholars and then as graduates, have helped in the growth.

It gives me huge pleasure to invite you on the campus to interact with the students and the faculty members. The Alumni Cell of HCST has been functioning at the Institute. The primary aim of the cell is to maintain the association between the Institute and its alumni by sharing the story of development and growth. It has been a custom that the alumni employed in different officialdoms in India and abroad help the final-year students and guide them about the latest skill and the employment prospects in the organizations concerned. I would also request you to participate kindly in various programs organized by the Institute whenever you visit Agra-Mathura.

You, the alumni, are the light of our eyes. Your accomplishments and delights whether professional or personal are as much ours since we are a big family. We want you to interact with your alma mater more. Nothing will give us more pleasure to organize a number of programs involving you.

The Management and the faculty members will also be delighted to have you in the department to share your valuable experiences.

Please feel free to contact the Registrar /Head of the Department/ Professor In-charge, Alumni Cell for any assistance.

Best Wishes!

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