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Electrical & Electronics Engineering is an exciting and dynamic field. This is basically the application of laws of physics governing electricity, magnetism, and light to develop products and services as well as equipment operated by electrical power and numerous other components required for such generation, transmission, distribution and use for the overall benefit of humankind. Electrical & Electronics engineers deal with the power generation, transmission, conversion, distribution and use of electrical power and related control and instrumentation applications, while electronic engineers transfer the information using radio waves, the design of electronic circuits, the design of computer systems and the development of control systems such as aircraft autopilots etc. Electrical & Electronics engineers work, plan and create the infrastructure for electrical energy and related equipment and instruments such as generators, transmission lines, transformers and power distribution switch gears. It also helps in designing end use devices such as electric motors, machinery and ignition systems used in Industry, Traction, Automobiles, Aircrafts or any motorized equipment or vehicles It is a professional discipline that also needs knowledge about application of electronics and electromagnetism and thus electronics & electrical engineering studied together enhance the scope of application This branch offers exciting job opportunities for students in the rapidly evolving fields of information and communication technology, controls and switch gears, control systems besides the latest advances in the more traditional areas of power, generation, control and electromagnetism.

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B.Tech – Electrical & Electronics Engineering

4-Year Full Time Course



EE Classroom

Adequate facilities are available in the department for conduct of lectures, tutorials, seminars, and meetings. A total of nine classrooms, seminar room, and a meeting room are available for this purpose. These rooms are well ventilated and spacious and are equipped with chairs, tables, black boards, podium etc.Each lecture, seminar, and tutorial room is equipped with black board and also has facilities for connecting overhead projector and LCD projector. Eight classrooms are fitted with dedicated LCD projectors.


Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Lab

In Electrical Measurement lab, there are different modules of AC&DC Bridges. Various parameters like Temperature, pressure, capacitance, Resistance etc. are analyzed and measured. Apart from these, it also has LCR meter, current transformer (CT), potential transformer (PT), oscilloscope, ohm meter etc. The measurement laboratory also has basic infrastructure facilities for current, voltage, power, energy, resistance, inductance and capacitance measurement.


Skill Development Lab

The aim of this Lab is to transform young aspirant learners towards creativity and professionalism for societal growth through quality technical education. Here the purpose is to share values, ideas, beliefs by encouraging faculties and students for welfare of society. By this initiative a environment of learning is created so that it can bridge the gap between industry and academics Also it try to transfer the suitable technology, particularly for rural development.

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