HOD's Message


HOD , Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering was started in the year 2006 with a vision to promote the technical excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by offering programs to produce Engineers with dynamic well rounded personalities adaptable to ever increasing demands of emerging technologies involving analytical and practical skills, with commitment to research and development. The department inducts best faculty and students and follows good pedagogy relevant to Electrical & Electronics disciplines. . We are supported in our endeavor by a group of highly efficient, enthusiastic and helpful staff members, both on technical and administrative fronts. It develops interaction with industry and gets exposed to global research and technological developments. The department provide conducive and transparent environment for overall progress and well being of students and faculty. The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is playing a vital role in delivering quality education at undergraduate level. The department works with the objective of addressing critical challenges faced by the Industry, society and the academia. Perhaps even more important is our unceasing commitment to our students, helping them to learn, grow, develop, and achieve their goals in their pursuit to excel in their professional career.