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Seminar on the Citizenship Amendment Bill of Indian Constitution in Hindustan College

A special seminar was organized in Hindustan College of Science and Technology, a prestigious Institute of Sharda Group. In which senior journalist Mr. Ashwani Bhatnagar played the role of chief guest and Brigadier Mr. Manoj Kumar as a special guest and communicated directly to the enlightened section of the institute to calm their curiosity about the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Director of the institute Dr.Rajiv Kumar Upadhyay, welcomed all the dignitaries and on the national festival and gave a brief introduction to the institute. Mr. Ashwani Bhatnagar requested all the enlightened classes and students to understand the citizenship law. Executive Vice President Sharda Group of institutions Prof. V.K.  Sharma explained his view on citizenship law and explained why this law is important. He motivated the students to be willing to serve the country whole heartedly.

In the series of questions, first of all, Mr. Brajesh Sharma of Department of Computer Science and Engineering asked the question related to citizenship law that every country looks after its interests while the citizens of the neighboring countries consider India as their safe house because they are there with them whether the opposition demand for citizenship of such people and the opposition demand to include the majority Muslim community, is wrong Ashwani Bhatnagar ji responded that this bill has been made and there is no meaning in the dispute now.  And this bill is completely constitutional.  He asked for citizenship that if you were born here, then you are citizens here.  Manoj Kumar also called this bill constitutional.  Referring to Article 311 he said that Parliament can amend this bill at any time.

Mr. Ajay Parashar, Asst Prof, Information Technology Department asked Is CAB opposes the law of equality found under Article 14 of the Indian Constitution. While answering the question, Shri Bhatnagar said that the word secular has not been removed from Article 14 yet. In response to this question .Manoj Kumar said with a very good example, that there are some exceptions in the right to equality like SC, ST there is a provision for reservation for women too, so there is no equalization here He said that the correct word is the equality among the equal, is not for everyone. Mr.Avneesh Singh, Asst .Prof the Department of Electrical and Electronics whether the citizenship amendment bill will increase the migration of Hindus from Bangladesh, in response to the question, Mr. Ashwani said that the persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh is increasing, due to which it is necessary.  Giving the example of Israel, Mr.Manoj Kumar said that the Eurasi people who were being persecuted by the Germans had no land even, they settled in Israel and took refuge there and today they are in a very good condition. Dr.Sanjeev Kumar, Department of EE asked why there is so much opposition to this bill in response to this question, he said that India is a democratic country, every citizen has the right to speak. 

The successful conduction of the seminar was done by the Dean faculty of the Institute, Dr. Harendra Singh and Mrs. Rupali Mahajan, Assistant Professor of the Department of Electronics and Communication. A vote of thanks was proposed by Harendra Singh, Dean Faculty of the Institute

On this occasion Prof. DG Roy Choudhary, Dean Student Welfare Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, Dean Academic Mr. Vijay Katta, Prof. M .S.Gaur, Dr. Sanjay Jain, Dr.  Mamta Sharma, Mr. Anurag Vajpayee, Mr. Munish Khanna, Mr. Shankar Thakar, Dr.  Rajesh Kaharwar, Dr. Suruchi, Registrar of the college Dr. Pankaj Khanna, all the faculty members of the institute, students etc. were present.

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