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Student made Accident Prevention System

Accident prevention system has been developed by Shruti Mehra, Priyanshi Pachauri and Lalita, final year students of Hindustan College of Science and Technology, a prestigious institute of Sharda Group under the guidance of Smt. Rupali Mahajan.

Project guide Mrs Rupali Mahajan said that road accidents are uncertain but whenever they happen they cause damage, serious injuries and sometimes even death. These accidents are mostly due to delay in applying brakes by the driver. Through this project, we are in the stage of effectively avoiding accidents as well as providing maximum safety to the drivers and pedestrians. Accidents happen for three main reasons. The first is a front-end collision that occurs in the absence of information about the distance between the two vehicles. Second due to engine overheating which can cause vehicle fire and third due to over speeding.

The system proposed in this project has an ultrasonic sensor for collision avoidance. There can be many reasons for a vehicle to overheat and one of the common reasons is the failure of the cooling fan. Most drivers are unaware of a cooling fan failure and when the fault is determined, it can be very late and the damage can be repaired very costly. The heat produced by the engine needs to be dissipated otherwise the engine can be seriously damaged. With the help of the proposed system, the driver of the cooling fan through an indicator at the time

Failure to do so is informed if the lamp will be illuminated with sound. In addition, the system sends an alert message along with a beep sound to inform the driver about over speeding.

Director of the institute, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay congratulated the students and their guiding team who succeeded in the project and also assured all possible help to improve its quality by working more on this action plan in future also. He also motivated the students of the college to be ahead in the technical field. He said that the future of the country rests on the shoulders of these students and they will take their country to new heights in the coming times by making such new inventions.

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