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HCST celebrated the 135th birthday of great mathematician Shri Srinivasa Ramanujan

On the occasion of National Mathematics Day, a program was organized by the Department of Mathematics of Hindustan College of Science and Technology, in which the great mathematician Shri Ramanujan was remembered for his unprecedented and international contribution in the field of mathematics on the occasion of his birthday. Remembered. The program was inaugurated by the Institute's Director Dr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay and Dean Faculty Dr. Harendra Singh with wreaths on the portrait of the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Describing the life of Shri Ramanujan, Dr. Harendra Singh Chauhan, Head of Department of Mathematics, said that he was born on December 22, 1887 in Erode, a village in Coimbatore. His father's name was Srinivasa Iyengar and mother's name was Mrs. Komalatammal. His life was spent in great poverty and trouble, but despite this, Ramanujan gave many mathematical formulas and theorems in his life. On which many researches were done over time and research papers were written in all international journals. He told that even in the dreams of Ramanujan ji, the mathematical equation used to descend like a divine boon. He gave 3900 mathematical theorems at the age of 32. He told that Sir Francis and Narayan Iyer who are neighbors of Ramanujan. Looking at his work, Prof. Hardy was encouraged to write letters. As a result of which he Prof. Wrote a letter to Hardy after which Prof. Hardy called him to Oxford University and from there the recognition of his work reached the whole world.

Director of the institute, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay explained the glory of zero and infinity by connecting mathematics with spirituality through examples. Remembering this great mathematician, Rambujan always had the habit of questioning; you always used to question the teachers even in the class. He had studied college level maths during his school days but due to his interest in maths, he failed in all subjects except maths in class XI. Later, he also published high quality research papers in collaboration with Professor Hardy of England. Ramanujan wrote a seminal paper on the mock theta function, which is used not only in mathematics but also in medical science to understand cancer.

On this occasion, a poster presentation competition was also organized by the Department of Mathematics, whose theme was "Contribution of Women in the field of Mathematics". The first prize in the competition went to Nandani Agarwal, a student of the Computer Science Department, Tisha Arora and Yashvi Agarwal, students of Computer Science Department, and Priya Gola, a student of Biotechnology, got the third prize. Apart from this, two consolation prizes were given to Vaishali Agarwal of Biotechnology and Jaya Saini of the Computer Science department.

Dr. Mukti Pandey, Assistant Spokesperson of the Program and Mathematics Department threw light on the interesting facts related to the life of Shri Ramanujan.

At the end of the programme, the vote of thanks was given by Dr. Salim Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics. 

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