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Drop the Gender Mask - 2022 competition was organized by Literacy Society

3-minute speech competition named Drop the Gender Mask was organized by the Literacy Society of Hindustan College of Science and Technology, in which all the participating students had to give a 3-minute speech on the given topic.

The coordinator of the program Dr. Mamta Sharma said that if the participant fails to complete his speech within 3 minutes in this competition, then his marks will be deducted. She said that in this competition marks were given on three skills: content, gestures and body language. She said that a link to the Google Form was provided to all the students for registration. 18 students of Hindustan College participated in this competition. No fee was charged from the students for this competition.

Dr. Archana Gautam, co-coordinator of the event, said that the objective of the competition was to promote awareness among the students about gender equality and its role in the economic and social development of our country. The original objective of the competition was to promote, inspire and support development policy and practice that promote the goal of equality between women and men. In this the students identified the domains where similarity can be given more attention such as opportunities and career.

On this occasion, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay, director of the institute, inspired all the students and said that such competitions will increase the confidence of the students. He motivated the students to participate. He said that winning is not as important as participating.

M.B.A. First year student Malvika Singh got the first prize, Computer Science first year student Sahdev Grover got the second and Computer Science second year student Tisha Arora got the third prize.

The judges of the competition were Dr. Yudhishthir Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, Dr. Manisha Verma, Computer Science and Mrs. Huma Sharma, T&D. Mr. Shashi Shekhar, Dr. Keshav Dev, Assistant Professor Department of Humanities, congratulated all the students.The competition was conducted by student Shorya Jain, student of biotech second year.

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