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IIT Delhi collaborates with Hindustan College Mathura for robots Technologies

IIT Delhi has set up Technology Innovation Hub for Cobotics under the flagship initiative of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The Technology Innovation Hub on Cobotics at IIT Delhi known as ‘I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) has been incorporated as a Section-8 company by the institute. The I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) will not only perform research in the area of Collaborative Robotics i.e. Cobotics but also proactively translate the outcomes into products for the benefit of the humanity.The four verticals that will be covered under the IHFC at IIT Delhi are medical robotics, agriculture and disaster management, defense, and smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0).

The focus will be the technologies where robots should be able to work together with humans for maximizing the benefit of human intelligence with robots precision and ability to work tirelessly in an environment where the humans cannot work. More than 50 faculty at IIT Delhi and similar numbers from other universities in India and abroad including Japan, Korea, USA, UK, and others, along with several companies, have already committed to the I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics” at IIT Delhi.

Hindustan College of Science and Technology has been pioneering in taking several initiatives to work on the fourth industrial revolution. One such initiative is the Internet of Things (IoT) laboratory. Hindustan College, Mathura has already been collaborating with IIT Delhi for Virtual Labs.

Mr. Y.K.Gupta Vice Chairman of Sharda Group of Institutions has congratulated the efforts of faculty members for taking initiative to collaborate with IIT Delhi. This is another milestone of Hindustan College, Mathura to collaborate with premier institute of India. This will set the benchmark to develop products that will find application in manufacturing industries. The collaboration will enhance the skill sets of students and will make them more employable.

Dr. Rajeev Kr Upadhyay Director of Hindustan College, Mathura thanked IIT Delhi for collaboration to work on research projects to develop collaborative robots for different applications. Cobots is one of the essential technologies of Industry 4.0. Cobots has been used by Small, medium and large enterprises in the manufacturing systems in India. The cobots find potential application in several industries ranging from automotive, electronics manufacturing, healthcare applications. This collaboration with IIT Delhi will help the student of Hindustan College to work with faculty experts of IIT Delhi in the cutting edge projects of national importance to develop cobots for SMEs and large enterprises.

Prof. V.K.Sharma Executive Vice President of Sharda Group of Institutions appreciates the initiative of Institute Industry Interface in making collaboration with IIT Delhi. This will open new avenues for students to work on novel technologies of robotics. The collaboration will mark the development of products especially to face the challenges of Covid-19. The cobots will share the workspace with human in shopfloors of manufacturing plant.

Hindustan College has been taking several initiatives to work on disruptive technologies. He mentioned that Hindustan College has been working in close with industry associations like PHD Chamber of Commerce in the field of Industry 4.0. He said that the faculty members of Hindustan College has been involving themselves in getting trained on industry 4.0 and has been conducting online training in the domain of collaborative robots for quality council of India, National Productivity Organization, Government of India, MSME. The faculty member has been publishing articles in journals related to cobots technologies. The faculty members has been conducting surveys of usage of Cobots technologies in MSMEs. So the faculty members are qualified to work in the area of collaborative robots.

Dr. T.Senthil Head Institute Industry Interface mentioned that IIT Delhi will be conducting industry consortia, grand challenge, online certificate courses for students to get trained on latest technologies of robots. The students will be trained to develop robots that will find immense applications in the industries. The cobots that will be developed will help the manufacturing industries to increase the productivity, quality and reduce risks and accidents. The students will have the opportunity to work live industry projects that will make them more employable as well. The collaboration will also promote the innovation, startups and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the campus. The campus already has incubation facilities supported by MSME and Industry like iB Hubs as well. He mentioned that the covid-19 push manufacturing industries to adopt cobots technologies that will mutual benefit the technological, financial gain additionally increase the safety, hygiene and health practices for human mankind.