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Placement in Metacube Software Pvt Ltd

Renowned company MetaCube Software has selected a student of B.Tech Computer Science Engineering (2021 batch) Shobhit Baghel by Virtual Selection Process  in the stressful environment of Covid-19 epidemic. The selection process was attended by students of Hindustan Campus and Anand Engineering, in which 01 students of Hindustan College was selected. The selected student has been selected on the profile of "Software Development" which will be given an annual package of 4.8 -5.6 LPA.

The Vice Chairman of Sharda Group, Mr. YK Gupta, Executive Vice President Prof. VK Sharma praised and congratulated the students for his hard work.

Director of the institute, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay, congratulated the selected student Shobhit Baghel and wished him a bright future.

The MetaCube Software Pvt. Ltd." is A software engineering services company that is deeply rooted in developing enterprise-level products and applications for a broad spectrum of domains, including global business management, supply chain analytics, manufacturing analytics, business continuity planning, CRM, publication and e-commerce. These applications have been developed on various platforms. The common denominator across all their services has been their total customer focus, ensuring that each engagement is a success and delivers the desired value to the customer. Their customers today are across many countries in  America , including Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan and Australia. There is a current capacity of around 700+ employees working on various technologies.


203 students of  (Session-2021), Sharda  Group of institutions " have been selected in various companies. Major companies - TCS, Jaro Education, Gemini Solutions, HCL, Technology, Learning Routes, Capital Via, Virtusa Corporation Ltd.,Infosys - Hackavidinfi etc. companies who have visited the Sharda  Group and has  provided the  opportunities to the students in the session 2021, In the selected students 116 students were from Hindustan College of Science and Technology. In which "Kamvolt Systems Limited", has given the highest annual salary package of 20 lakhs,on "Software Development Engineer-TEST" profile. The selection process was started in the month of September through a virtual selection process.

On this occasion, all the deans, department heads, teachers and employees of the institute congratulated the selected student and wished him a bright future.

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