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Universal Values & Professional Ethics

An Eight-day Faculty Development Program for the faculty members of Engineering Colleges affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow in collaboration with Value Education Cell of the University was conducted in HCST, Mathura. This program was funded by TEQIP-III (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program-Third Phase). Forty two faculty members of Engineering Colleges all over UP participated in it. The FDP was started on 6th January, 2020 in the Ground Floor Media Centre of the college. Mr. Manoj Kumar Gupta of GNOIT, Gr. Noida was appointed as the Facilitator and Mr. Dheeraj Kumar Singh from AKGEC, Ghaziabad acted as the Co-facilitator for the FDP. In the eight-day program, Mr. Gupta facilitated the participants to explore various proposals on four levels of living of a human being. The four levels of living were Individual, Family, Society, Nature and Existence. The methodology of the FDP was based on proposals. The content of the FDP was explorational, verifiable, rational and universal. Mr. Gupta told that the basic human aspirations of all human beings are to be happy and prosperous throughout their life. He started with the first topic (The Role of Education in Holistic Development) in which he said that the role of education is to develop the competence in a human being to live with definite human conduct. The actual happiness is the situation in which human being live, if there is harmony, synergy, no contradiction, no confusion then that situation gives happiness.

On the contrary, if there is disharmony, contradiction, confusion, and a person is forced to live in that condition, it is the state of unhappiness. He told that human being is the co-existence of two entities i.e. Self (I) and Body. The needs, activities, responses and types of both the entities are different. In relationship in the family there are nine feelings. These nine feelings are Trust, Respect, Affection, Care, Guidance, Reverence, Glory, Gratitude and Love. If all the nine feelings are recognized, evaluated, and fulfilled then Justice is ensured in the family. He explained Right Understanding in Individual, Prosperity in the Family, Fearlessness and Trust in society and Coexistence in Nature as the four comprehensive human goals of the society. Lastly he explained various things about Nature and Existence in detail. Mr. Dheeraj Kumar Singh showed Videos in after lunch sessions and conducted activities to help the participants to explore the things which were placed by Mr. Gupta in his sessions. In the last session, feedback of all the participants was recorded. Mr. Manoj Pamar, Editor, Hindustan News Paper was the Chief Guest of the valedictory function of the FDP. He felt the need of such programs to be conducted in school level also. He threw light on the evils of the society in the absence of values in the society. Mr. Ramsakal Yadav (78) from Lucknow and Dr. P.S. Kushwaha (76) from Agra were the two senior citizens who attended FDP and were the source of encouragement of all the participants. They were honoured by presenting shawls by the Director and Deans of the college. The anchoring of Inaugural function and Valedictory function was done by Dr. Archana Gautam, Asst. Prof. of Humanities Department. A brief note about the FDP and vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Yudhishthir Singh Asst. Professor of English, Humanities Department. Director HR Mr. KGS Chauhan, Dean Faculty Dr. Harendra Singh Chauhan, Dean R&D Dr. MS Gaur, Registrar Dr. Pankaj Khanna, HODs of various departments, Mr. Shashi Shekhar Asst. Professor, Humanities department, faculty members and staff were present in the Valedictory function.

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