M.tech In Electronics And Communication

MTech Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialization in VLSI Design program aims at preparing students to develop knowledge and skills in VLSI design methodology with a system perspective in order to facilitate the use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) tools for the analysis and design of special-purpose digital and analog circuits and systems.

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The program provides capabilities to students to understand the requirements of EDA development, analog and mixed signal design, semiconductor chip design, IC design and verification, design and implementation of integrated circuits using standard tools that make them industry-ready.

The two-year postgraduate M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering program is offered at Sharda Group of Institutions that covers the fundamental and engineering aspects of designing and developing several IC-based systems. VLSI technology has emerged out as a successful accumulation of two streams including material science and electrical engineering. The program will focus on developing hands-on skills of designing semiconductor devices and circuits, and architecting systems using embedded components like CPU, memory and other peripherals.

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