‘ZEETA’ offer endless opportunities for the participation and leadership of students beyond the academic programme and classroom setup. The club activities play an important role in determining and directing the passion and interest of students. This club is making them not only job ready but making them ready to face the uneven path of survival in the world of cut-throat competition.

It also help’s in knowing about yourself, your strengths, and your goals better. Further, it helps in generating ideas to serve others. Over and above, this club provides a platform to have fun and showcase talent and build a healthy culture during college.

This club caters to technical (Frugal Engineering, Just a minute, Debate, poster competition), cultural, social, recreational, health and welfare needs and interests of the students. It includes Dance, Music, Drama, Community Development, Sports, Quiz, Photograph, Robotics, Coding, Design/Art,. However, these clubs join and run by the students from across the programmes, where they drive various techno, management, and cultural activities throughout the year.

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