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I have the privilege of serving the Hindustan College of Science and Technology (HCST) as a Dean, Research and Development (R&D) from 1996. Our faculty built technical research excellency in the field of VLSI design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering, IT, nanotechnology, biotechnology and chemical engineering. Our innovation centers bring together faculty and students to pursue joint endeavors in research and development.

Our graduate students and faculty pursue knowledge in the fundamental core of science and technology, as well as synthetic and collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to solving industrial problems. Our faculty and students individually and collaboratively are working in the field of interdisciplinary research such as nanotechnology and other areas. The faculty and student research are demonstrated by the quality of their published articles.

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The government agencies such as DST and DRDO are not only funding the national project, but also funded the international collaboration with different countries. We have signed MoU with several renowned institutes in India and in abroad. For example, we have research collaboration with National Centre of Biotechnology, Moscow (Russia) from last 10 years. The joint publications and proposed patent show the bright future of joint research work. In addition to government funded project, college also supports the in-house project for faculty and students. We invite you to become part of the engineering program of HCST, so that you may contribute to shaping the landscape of science and engineering. There are always exciting opportunities in engineering courses.


Dr. M. S. Gaur is currently working as a Professor, Head Department of Physics, Dean, R&D, in Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Farah (Mathura) U P India, affiliated to A. P. J. K. Technical University, Lucknow (U P). Dr. Gaur has received his M. Sc. (Physics, 1990), M. Phil. (Physics, 1991) and Ph. D. in 1995 from Rani Durgavati University Jabalpur (M. P.) Dr. Gaur has his expertise in chemical synthesis, biosynthesis, characterization of nanomaterial. He has focused on multidisciplinary research such as polymer nanocomposites and their applications, biosensor based on nanomaterial for detection of blood TSH (i.e. blood hormones), pesticides, heavy metals etc. He is having more than 24 years teaching and research experience. He has completed 10 sponsored major projects and three projects are ongoing. Currently, he is having a joint research project with National Centre of Biotechnology, Moscow (Russia) and Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Gomel (Belarus). He has published several research papers ( in International reputed Journals and guided 10 Ph.D. Currently he is guiding 4 Ph.D. He has chaired 14 national and international conferences and delivered, the several invited talk at many conferences in India and in abroad.

He is an active member of the editorial board of “Advances in Materials Research” and also is an expert member of the National Center of Science and Technology, Kazakhstan and Russian Science Foundation, Russia. He is also a member of many scientific committees in India and in abroad. He has received “Bharat Shikshha Ratan Award” in 2004 by Global Society of Health and Education, New Delhi. He is appointed as research advisor of the Non Yang Academy of Sciences, Singapore. He is actively engaged along with team to popularize the science at them gross root level. He is a founder of Nano and Molecular Society (India). He is an Executive President of Nano and Molecular Society (India) (

Principal Investigator: Prof. M. S. Gaur
Sr. No. Title of the Project Status Funding Agency Period Amount  (Rs. in lakhs)
1 Elanboration Nanocomposites coating based on carbonaceous materials for active components of gas sensing system Ongoing Indo-Belarus Cooperation in Science and Technology, Sanctioned by DST   New Delhi 3 year 11.24
2 Development of novel epoxy resin / graphene nanocomposite coating material for aircraft structures Ongoing DRDO, Aeronautics R & D Board, New Delhi 3 years 9.5
3. Development of test methods for control of heavy metals in water for environmental monitoring and prevention of health risks Ongoing DST- Russian Science Foundation (RSF) sanctioned by DST   New Delhi 2 years 31.82


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