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Research & Development Centres

Research & Development Centres
Shri Anand Swaroop Interdisiplinary Research Laboratory
Equipment available with the Institute/Group/ Department/ Other Institutes for the Project:
Major equipment available in department
S.No. Name of equipment and accessories Model and make Remarks
1 UV-VIS doble beam spectrophotometer Hitachi-2800 working
2 Vaccum coating unit Veqco, New Delhi -do-
3 Kitheley Electrometer(6514) Keithley -do-
4 Vaccum Oven Aicil Lab, India -do-
5 Deep Freezers Aemas Tech., India -do-
6 Electronic Balance AY-220Shimadzu -do-
7 Digital Pico Ammeter DPM111, Scientific Roorkee -do-
8 Digitally Controlled Oven Ambassador New Delhi -do-
9 Fridge Godrej -do-
10 Ultraviolet lamp -do-
11 Electronic Poly Recorder (EPR-3531) Hioki Japan -do-
12 Ultra Bath sonicator IDI3017 -do-
13 Sonicator Acil Pvt Ltd., New Delhi -do-
14 Ph Meter Cestronix -do-
15 Incubator cum shaker Neo Lab Inst., Mumbai -do-
16 Lumino Meter London UK, 1011002647 -do-
17 Spin Coator Delta Sci. India, 120806 -do-
18 LCR Hi Tester Meter(3532) 3532, Hioki Japan -do-
19 Potentiostat Galvanostat Palm Sem-3 -do-
20 Hot Plate -do-
21 High voltagepower supply EHT-11 -do-
22 Virac(5Amp) -do-
23 Retord stand with clamp Elnova series1000D -do-
24 Magnetic stirrer 1MLH /Remi -do-
25 Oven(Hot air) Universal -do-
26 Laser Kit -do-
27 Centrifugal Remi -do-
28 Piezo electrometer D33 -do-
29 Powersupply for Plank const. -do-
30 IC Regulates Power supply PS-12 -do-
31 Thermolumniscence Temprature Meter TL-02 -do-
32 Regulated DC Power supply Elnova Series 1000D -do-


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