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Computer Science Engineering

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Computer Science is the study of processing the data and instructions as well as how data and instructions are stored, communicated by computing devices. As compared to electrical and computer engineers mostly deal with theory, design, development and application of software and software system. Principal areas of study within Computer Science include artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, security, database systems, human computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, bioinformatics and theory of computing.


CSE Department was established in 1996 with intake of 60 students. Department upgraded itself by increasing its intake to 90 in 2003 and then to 120 in 2006. Department gets its first NBA accreditation in 2003.It has well equipped laboratories such as Computer Graphics Lab,DBMS Lab, Computer Network Lab, C & C ++ Lab, Image Processing Lab, JAVA Lab, .Net Lab, Project Lab and Excellent Departmental Library. It has a mixture of young, energetic, experienced and qualified faculty members to impart knowledge in the area of Automated Theory of Computation, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Database Management Sustem, Microprocessor, Digital Logic Design, Computer Architecture, Distributed System, Object Oriented Technology and Digital Image Processing. To provide high quality technical education to the students and improving their skills through ICT based teaching-learning process so that their employability is enhanced. To develop linkage with industry to achieve excellence in research and consultancy practices. Vision of the Department is to become a centre of excellence in the Computer Science & Engineering discipline with a strong research and teaching environment that adopts swiftly to the challenges of the upcoming century.

Vision Mission PEO PO PSO
To be in the forefront of Computer Science and Engineering through academic excellence and research to successfully contribute to the country’s nation-building initiatives, fostering ingenuity, values, and quality.

Our mission is to strive for excellence in teaching, research, and entrepreneurship to:

  • To nurture the students in both theory and practice in the field of basic sciences and Computer science and engineering
  • To adopt a comprehensive strategy built on excellence, analytical ability, initiative, creativity, and innovation in computer science and engineering with focus on interdisciplinary fields.
  • To aid in the nation building by responding to industry and societal demands.
  • Instill ethics and morals to develop work dignity and to serve mankind.
  • Provide the students with an education centered upon well defined outcomes in order to foster their holistic growth.
  • To provide foundational abilities in the basic sciences, analytical skills, and
    engineering basics to enable students to successfully develop an engineering and analytical mentality.
  • To expose students broadly to the state-of-the-art in the field of computer science and engineering and to prepare them to conduct interdisciplinary research and to build socially relevant systems
  • To encourage students to develop skills for lifelong learning, skills for being an innovator, entrepreneur and human values that will help them have to be a socially responsible individual and a successful career.
  • To provide student graduates with a sound knowledge in computer science and engineering fundamentals and to develop professional competency.
  • To prepare student graduates for a successful career with excellent Communication skill, excellent aptitude, problem analysis skill, Design & Development of software, and Individual & team work with values that meet the diversified needs of industry, academia and research.
  • To train students in Investigation of Complex Problem, Analysing, Modern tool usage to study, designing and creating novel software and technologies that provide solution frameworks to real world problems.
  • To promote awareness among student graduates towards issues of social relevance, Environment & sustainability and introduce them to professional ethics and practice.
  • Capability to design and develop effective technological solutions for complex business challenges, making use of the appropriate data structures, algorithms and database systems.
  • The capacity to apply fundamental computing skills as well as contemporary computer programming languages and environments to build innovative research projects for the benefit of a social cause.
  • The capacity to understand and implement software engineering process models, software design principles, and software project management methodologies in order to ensure the successful implementation of software projects.

HOD Message

The department gives exposure to its students, to not only the regular Engineering curriculum but also to the aspirations of today’s corporate world, by inculcating a professional attitude in them. Our labs give our students a cutting edge in technical exploration and enhance their information search and analysis skills. The project which is an important part of their curriculum, not only gives them a chance to understand and explore their area of interest, but it will be an important aspect of their contribution to the company they would join after the degree. Students are encouraged to join various technical and non-technical forums, which in turn gives them horizontal exposure to Engineering concepts and technology. I am confident that the students of the present batches would justify the credibility of the department by showing a high level of professional competence in their respective job area.

Associate Professor and HOD

Faculty and Staff



  • B.Tech in Computer Science And Engineering
  • B.Tech in Computer Science And Engineering (Data Science)



Academic Activities

Student Testimonials

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Student Clubs

Technical Society Dynamic Coder Byte

Every student wants to master some extra- ordinary skills or to prepare for a Competitive Exam. To fulfil this wish a parallel learning program is introduced via initiation of three societies namely:-

  1. CODING SOCIETY :- To enhance coding skills of students by giving them problems asked in technical exams of big corporate.
  2. WEB DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY :- To get updated with amazing facts of Web Development and to master it with the help of College teachers.
  3. GATE SOCIETY :- To prepare for GATE Examination by parallel learning through which students can try to solve problems of each other.

These societies run in last lecture on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for CSE third year students with approx 70 students.

Basically the motive of these societies is to make students learn that much in College hours so that they can perform outstanding in placements and Competitive Exams. These societies organize competitions after each month and Alumni interaction programs to prepare path for fulfilling the dreams of students.

Dynamic Coders is a Computer Science club of HCST which organize workshops, hosts events and tests. It works to promote healthy competition and teach online coding, problem solving skills.

It has approx 40 students from all year of CSE and has classes on three days per week before starting time of College. Their motive is to make everyone ready for company placements and make them know the prerequisites for getting placed in big companies.

What is BYTE?

We are a coding community that helps individuals to improve their coding skills mainly focusing on Data Structures and Algorithms and Competitive Programming which is one of the major skills for your placements.


What is our AIM ?

To provide coding culture so that students can start early in their first or second year to cut off the competition and gain deep knowledge.



  • Weekly coding contest based on Data Structure sand Algorithms and Competitive Programming.
  • Arrange zoom sessions to create awareness towards open source programs like GSoC, MLH, LFX, etc and various other opportunities like Off-Campus Placements, Hackathons, Coding Events, etc.
  • MCQ Quiz based on CS fundamentals i.e. OS, DBMS, CN, and OOPs concepts.


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