On 09-12-2023, Saturday, valedictory of two-day sports competition 2023 was organized at the prestigious Hindustan College of Science and Technology of Sharda Group.

Chief Guest of the second day was the College Director, Dr. R. S. Pavitra and Dean Academic, Mr. Vijay Subhash Katta remained.

He explained the importance of sports to all the children and said that it is very important for our overall physical and mental development.

Director of Physical Education of the College, Dr. Rajesh Kaharwar conducted the entire program successfully. On the second day, participants of all numbers competed in 100, 200, 400 and 800 meters. Race and 4×100 m. Relay race was organized. College faculty members also participated enthusiastically and boosted students’ morale.

Dean Students Welfare: Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal, Dr. Harendra Singh (Dean Faculty) Dr. M.S. Gaur (Dean R&D), Dr.Raja Pandey, Dr. Puneet Mangala, Dr. Shankar Thakar, Dr. Suruchi Kumar, Dr. Arun Prasad Chopra, Dr. Richa Kapoor, Dr. Anurag Bajpai, Shri. Sanjay Singh, Mr. Saket Bihari, Mr. Rajesh Sharma (Registrar), Dr. Mamta Sharma, Mr. Ajay Parasar and other faculty members showed their presence and encouraged the grace of the  programme.