Abdul Kalam Technical University’s organized Online Teachers’ Day Celebration and honored professors of technical university. The chief guest of this program was Dr. M.P. Poonia, Vice-Chairman A.I.C.T.E. The program was started with Kulgeet.

About 150 teachers affiliated to the technical university were selected in this ceremony, out of which 17 teachers were honored.  In it Prof. MS Gaur, Head of the Department of Physics, Hindustan College was also honored. Prof. Gaur has contributed significantly to the development of the institute academically and administratively.  Prof. Gaur has contributed appreciably to the development of nonmaterial.

Before receiving the award Prof. M.S Gaur thanked his teachers (Gurus), his family and institute. He mentioned that the success of the teacher depends on the success of his students.  The more successful his student is, the greater the teacher’s height will be. He said that the success of the student is the greatest Guru Dakshina for the teacher.

Mr. Y.K. Gupta, Vice Chairman, Sharda Group and Executive Vice President Prof. V.K Sharma congratulated him. The Director of the institute Prof Dr. Rajiv Kumar Upadhyay also congratulated Prof .Gaur. He encouraged all teachers to work for this achievement. He told that Prof.  Gaur has been associated with the institute since its inception. Prof.Gaur did a lot for the development of the institute. He also told Prof. Gaur is working on research to develop a biosensor based on nonmaterial. He has directed 12 Ph.D and have published114 papers in S.C.I Index Journal. He is also doing joint research work from many institutes of the world. He told that Prof. Gaur also established a research lab in the institute.

On this occasion, Dean Faculty Dr. Harendra Singh, Dean Student Welfare Dr.  Sandeep Agarwal, Assistant Dean Academic Mr. Vijay Katta, all the heads of the departments’ faculty members and staff members of the institute congratulated Prof. Gaur